The High Energy 12 Week Plan

4233596678_be5b0c8426_z“The concept of energy and the flow of that energy in the human body is the core of the current explosion in healing. The healing principle is to “balance” the energy in the body by using relaxation to counter the body’s reaction to stress.”    The Berkeley Holistic Health Center

The High Energy Life Plan integrates all the tools for living a healthy, balanced life. Many times busy people will see or read something that they would love to integrate into their lives. But they lack the time to plan and execute a total health plan.

Daily we are experiencing an overload of information. We have become accustomed to “sound bites”. So the High Energy Life Plan contains many descriptive links so you may use the individual information that you choose. So instead of publishing a book for you, we have published all the information links that you can choose to create your own, individual book to use for your High Energy Life.

Each week has individual choices for food/diet choices, exercise choices, and emotional/mental techniques for stress reduction. All the pretests, measurements, references for each of the three categories (diet, exercise, and emotional/mental tools) are given.

Our goal is that each person using the High Energy Life Plan can create and continually change her/his health plan. Health takes effort to maintain. Each of us needs to know what we need to attain our highest level of health.

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To increase energy:

Physically—Use exercise to burn off stress reactions and creating your own food plan around the foods you love
Mentally—Learn how to realign your thoughts because your feelings come from your thoughts.
Emotionally—Reparent yourself to heal childhood wounds
Socially—Develop a social network of 5-10 people
Spiritually—Live to become the best you can be

Following is a master list for each week’s topics:
High Energy Life Topics List

Week One-
Deep breathing techniques
Calorie needs
Stretching exercises
Beginning meditations
Before losing weight, pay attention to these
Walking as exercise
Week Two-
Balanced life
Being centered
Body scan
Breathing meditation
Types of meditation
Weekly action plan
Week Three-
BMI body mass index
Your observer self-transactional analysis
Sitting-walking-eating meditations
Cardiovascular exercises
Introducing yoga into your life
Week Four—
30-35 grams of fiber daily
Flexibility exercises
Heart rate
Formal walking meditation
Prayer suggestions
Week Five—
Coping techniques
Creative visualizations
Relaxation meditation
Strength training
Week Six–
Autogenic training
Endurance exercise
Job stress management
Mantra meditation
Week Seven–
Lovingkindness meditation
Mix and match healing
Self worth
Support system
Time management
Week Eight–
Reaching a plateau
Progressive muscle relaxation
Partner meditation
Week Nine–
Low calorie diets
Fitness plan
Light therapy
Rational thinking
Week Ten–
Concentration meditation
Goal setting
Inner child
Interval training
Week Eleven–
Alexander technique
Glycemic index
Visualization meditation
Week  Twelve–
Art therapy
Prayer walking
Raising energy meditation
Therapeutic touch
Age and exercise

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